Seniors Crafternoon, May 16th, 12pm

$ 24.00

MINGLE.PAINT.CREATE at Junque 2 Jewels

We provide all of the materials (ready to paint project base, hanging hardware, 50+ paint colors), everything you need to complete an amazing crafty project. You can customize by picking the colors, patterns & personalize when you arrive! We encourage you to bring your favorite beverage or food/snacks along for your paint session as well.

Tuesday, May 16th

For the 2017 GRADS - keep in mind we can adjust most projects if we know in ADVANCE if you'd like your new school info/logo, or a specific saying like "dorm sweet dorm" etc. As most projects sample are geared towards a grown up home, we're flexible to help you create something for your younger/hipper space! 

  • ARROW (pictured in the "06.01.02" sample ); The sample image includes a date, please enter yours in the "Personalization Information" box above before you check out.
    • LARGE set of 3  
    • Regular set of 3
  • PLANKED SHAPES - 12x12 ish in size dimensional planked pieces you can personalize with your favorite colors
    • HEART - add pattern paper and/or paint colors of your choice
    • CIRCLE- party of # sign, please enter perfered family number at checkout
    • ARKANSAS - small planked state sign
  • 12x12 Framed SIGN
    • VINE INITIAL SIGN - (pictured in the "T" sample);The sample image includes an initial, please enter yours in the "Personalization Information" box above before you check out.
    • HOME  SCRIPT STATE: please specify state you'd like for your sign when you checkout 
  • 12x12 SIGN - Solid Pine Sign
    • 479 Area Code Sign - with arrows and state of your choice and area code if you'd like to change just let us know when you checkout
    • Upper Lower Case  12x12 Sign - pictured "Allen" example with upper and lower case initials featured
    • FLAT 7x17 SIGN:
      • WORD SIGN WITH LAUREL: Pictured in the "Casteel" sample with simple vine addition
      • MASON JAR VASE: include mason jar, cast iron hook & flower filler
    • FLAT 5x24 SIGN:
      • SCRIPT NAMES (5.5"x24) jon <3 katie in cute script with heart center makes a great one of a kind piece
      • ARROW WORD - select any word for this arrow script word sign (Coffee example pictured)
      • LONGITUDE & LATITUDE SIGN: We've included Longitude & Latitude for NWA coordinates, if you have a specific location you'd like us to reference for your sign please note that at checkout

    Cancellation Policy: Because our items are hand-made we have a NO REFUND policy for paint sessions. You must provide at least 24 hours advance notice if you cannot make your reserved class in order to receive a credit towards a future class. Please email to cancel. If you no show for a workshop that you have a spot reserved for, or do not give 24 hour notice you will forfeit your payment. 

    Age Policy: Our regular sessions are geared towards adults, a girls night out crowd. We do have special childrens events advertised as so, you are welcome to bring children to those but for our regular sessions we'd ask you NOT bring children under 12 years of age.